Fernando Andreu

Personal Projects

Software Developer – Aeronautical Engineer


This Portfolio

A static portfolio website hosted in GitHub Pages All info regarding every project (title, tags, content, screenshots, etc.) is kept in a folder within the repository. As with any typical Gatsby…

Password Manager

A static website which allows you to manage sensitive data in your preferred cloud platform While there are many fully featured, web-based password managers out there, their means of storing…

Office RibbonX Editor

Edit UI files for Microsoft Office documents easily This project is a migration from Windows Forms to WPF of the original project by Microsoft, taking advantage of the MVVM pattern to produce a more…


Catching up with people around has never been funnier Have you ever been trying to get in touch with someone you know by sight from your college, your working place or from your favourite venue but…

Dice Wars

A remake of the original Risk-style Flash game with extra functionality Select the number of players and whether they will be AI controlled or not. Each player will start in an hexagonal map with a…


Generate fractal pictures based on complex functions and root finding algorithms Specify a complex function and draw the fractal associated with it. Each point on the screen represents a two…


Play, edit or export songs while you get familiar with the harmonica Visualize different types of interactive harmonicas that will play each note when you tap the corresponding keys. Download songs…

Graph Digitizer

Extract the numeric coordinates of a two-dimensional graph in image format Once the axes of the graph are defined, the program will translate screen coordinates into graph coordinates. The axes can…


A multiplayer remake of the classic Nokia game. Survive against other snakes for as long as you can There are different power-ups that can transform the snake. When only one snake is still alive, each…